• Bangkok Podcast: The Finale

    September 12th, 2011

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    Bangkok Podcast Final Show

    Bangkok Podcast 70: The Finale

    Well, the time has come. With Tony moving to Japan and Greg’s wedding quickly approaching, geography and limitations on free time have conspired to take Bangkok Podcast off the air – for now.

    On this episode, Tony and Greg discuss the Bangkok Podcast Farewell Dinner, go over some of their favorite shows from the past, get into a few details on what it took to put a show together, and thank a few very important people who worked with us behind the scenes to make sure the podcast grew.

    We also want to say a special thanks to each of our guests, who came on the show in their free time and gave people a glimpse into the cool personalities that help make Bangkok such a great city.

    If you want to follow Tony’s new adventures in Japan check out his podcast at Tokyo-Podcast

    Thanks again everyone – keep your Bangkok Podcast iTunes, Facebook and Twitter links active – we might be back sooner than you think.

    1. Sep 12th

      Hope u be right back soon ^w^

    2. Emil
      Sep 16th

      Hey Guys,

      Was definitely relieved to hear the term ‘hiatus’ used at the end of the show. Was worried I’d lose another tie to the city in which my heart resides

      *sad face*.

      So hurry up, get married, go to Tokyo and then get right back to it!


      PS The link to tokyo-podcast doesn’t work (yet?)

      • Sep 16th

        Hey Emil, thanks for catching the link. I had entered it wrong but it should be working now.

    3. Celestine
      Oct 3rd

      Thank you very much for sharing those video..Hoping you can comeback soon..Keep it up!

    4. I just discovered your site and you are done? Well, I am sorry to see you go, but hopefully I will be able to catch up with you in one of your future endeavours – good luck with everything!

    5. Nov 17th

      Noooo! You are closing already but this is my first visit -.- can’t believe I haven’t seen this site before too. At least I have 70 episodes to go through :)

    6. dave
      Dec 19th

      This is nerdu but can I get a description of your gear (mics, software).

    7. Margoax
      Dec 30th

      Thanks a lot for sharing this to us..I really appreciate it..

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