To get some insight into Bangkok’s art scene, Greg interviews Nim Niyomsin, an independent art curator. She gives her views on the ups and downs of being an artist in a culture that is widely known as extremely creative, but which lacks the support and infrastructure other countries take for granted.

For those not in the know, getting insight into the creative culture of Bangkok might seem difficult, but Nim says it’s really just a matter of putting a bit of research into it, and hitting the pavement. First stop – the BACC, where you can find resources, meet people, and pick up the all-important Bangkok art map.

They also discuss how the lack of government support has pushed the artists to build their own support networks, how economics helps shape the community, and why 2018 – with the Bangkok Art Biennale and the Thailand Biennale, among other events – is a very important year in the continuing development of Thailand’s creative culture.

This jives with the amazing art Greg saw at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Nim agrees – the climate for Thai artists is improving, albeit slowly.

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