Greg interviews returning guest Stu Jay Raj – polyglot, expert language teacher and man about town. Greg begins by asking Stu about his recent series of videos analyzing the second language capabilities of various celebrities, including Jon Cena and Robert DeNiro. Stu responds by explaining his MindKraft program, which is kind of a general learning system that can be applied to languages of all types, from linguistics to music to computer coding. Stu expounds his belief that the human brain is naturally hardwired for language of all kinds, and as long as you have the right attitude and approach, you can learn practically any language at any age.

Stu then introduced the concept of ‘neu,’ which roughly translates as an accent that is slightly ‘off’ or as Stu puts it, ‘smells’ bad. He then discusses all the variations of ‘off’ accents, from Thais who live outside of Bangkok, to those who grew up overseas. What follows is a fascinating discussion of how Thais process accents and the difference between native English speakers (who are used to hearing accented English) and native Thai speakers (who generally are not).

Dig in for some super cool linguistic gems (that is if you can get over your jealousy of Stu’s knowledge and skills, which ain’t easy). 🙂

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