We are lucky to be joined by another farang Thai speaker for our Thai language series, Adam Bradshaw. Adam has a large online following who enjoy watching his energetic and easy to understand YouTube videos where he explains the more commonly heard English phrases to his Thai audience. Things like “What’s up?” and the difference between “Up the street” and “Down the street” can be very confusing for non-native speakers, but Adam makes it easy.

He talks about how Thai students learn English, the methods he used for learning Thai, how his Thai YouTube audience thought his voice was dubbed by a Thai speaker, and tells us about how he interviewed the Prime Minister of Thailand in Thai. He also helps us translate a phrase that we all use on a daily basis: 2 Legit 2 Quit.

Greg also tells us abou this swanky new glasses, and he and Tony talk about how Thailand is a great place to get some routine personal maintenance done if you have the chance – things like seeing the dentist, getting your eyes checked or going for a physical.

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