Though we start discussing terrible Xmas parodies like a couple of seven-year-old boys, we quickly switch to the topic at hand: Evo’s first-ever trip to Chiang Mai. He was rather over-dressed, as the temperatures didn’t get quite as cool as he expected, because it’s still Thailand. Chiang Mai is not Greg’s favorite city in Thailand (certainly not compared to Bangkok), so he was keen to get Evo’s perspective of this must-visit village filled with lots of farang, tourists, digital nomads, and hipster barbers.

City-life aside, Evo loved his time on the Twilight Tour from the Elephant Nature Park. You should listen to him talk about it in detail on his other podcast, This One Time. Here he’ll just talk about avoiding floating elephant poo and an angry 5-year-old.

Finally, we wrap things up with a conversation about road trips (which we don’t think are a thing in Thailand) we have known. Good times. Good times. Thanks for your continued support, and enjoy this ~25 minute exclusive episode just for you, patron!

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