Bangkok Podcast 10: Bangkok Podcast Launch Party!

Thanks to all who came to the Bangkok Podcast launch party at Bistro 33! It was a great success and we truly enjoyed seeing old and new faces and making new friends. On this episode of the podcast, Tony and Greg talk about the party and how it’s the first step into building a community based on none of the boring ol’ cliches that Bangkok is known for – girls, bars, and booze.

We also talk about how important it is to have these little outlets – parties, networking events, meetings, and such – because no matter how a foreigner fits into Thai culture, you always need the psychological pick-me-up of having a connection to your own culture. Be it a Seinfeld joke or finding a kindred spirit in deciphering the mysteries of Thailand, having a network of like-minded folks – Thai and foreigner alike – can really make you feel like part of a team.

We would also like to thank all of you who brought donations of unused clothing to the party, and Smiling Albino for making sure it gets to the people who can use it most.

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Bangkok Podcast Launch Party

Smiling Albino