Bangkok Podcast 5: Thai Television

In this episode of the Bangkok Podcast, we discuss something that many foreigners living here have a hard time wrapping their heads around – Thai television shows. From dramatically-enhanced soap operas to variety shows with singing, dancing Nazis, to the brilliance of funny television commercials, the range of options for the average viewer are pretty broad.

But what can we learn about Thai society from watching these little diversions? Will sitting through a cat-fight between a rich bitch socialate and a put-upon Cinderella give you an insight into why they have to slap and scream so much? And more importantly – do you care?

We also talk about the difficulty in finding good friends in Bangkok who won’t leave after 6 months, and dedicate the show to Jodi and Rob, two of the good ones who are leaving for new opportunities.

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For excellent translation of this commercial visit: WomanlearnThai

Photo: Big Fat Rat