Bangkok Podcast 43: Bangkok Reality Smackdown

When you first come to Bangkok, everything is new and strange. Nothing makes sense, and even a trip to the corner store can be an adventure. But after a while, these things fade, and pretty soon, the things that made your eyes bug out when you first arrived become old hat and – dare I say – boring. That’s why we wanted to talk to Megan Kobzej, a new transplant to Bangkok with a very entertaining blog that makes us think back to the halcyon days of our first arrival; when Bangkok was stil an unexplored realm and the possibilities were endless. Or, to put it a more cynical way, before the city made us jaded, bitter, grumpy expats.

Anyway, Megan tells us what impresses her, what scares her, and why she’s obsessed with chips (or crisps, if you’re a Brit). She also gives us her opinion on Bangkok’s nightlife, what it’s like to face a cockraoch in your shower, and what her friends and family back home think of her life in Asia.

We are also joined briefly by Patricia Weismantel from Spice Roads, the company that will be leading our bicycle tour of Prapadaeng on March 13, to explain the ride, and Tony gives Greg a special gift.

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