Welcome back! For the first show of season 3, Greg introduces you to the new co-host of the Bangkok Podcast, Ed “The Truth” Knuth.

Together they have a combined 35 years in the Big Mango, so they reminisce a bit about what the city was like when they first got here, how it compares to now, and what they think the city will look like in 10 or 20 years. Purely based on conjecture, of course, they have no real experience with this, but since when has making uneducated predictions been a bad idea? One of the things Greg and Ed discuss is the future of Bangkok’s train network – click here to see a map that Greg made that shows what Bangkok will (hopefully) look like in 10 or so years.

We also thank Patreon supporter Mike Herrin, who hides his steamy real life Bangkok adventures behind a veil of boring office work.

And don’t worry about losing one of the favorite parts of the show – Greg surprises Ed with a Love, Loathe, or Leave that has to do with motorbike taxi drivers who might be trying to kidnap you…or just simply random dudes trying to make a few extra baht.

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