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On this episode of the Bangkok Podcast we talk about one of the negative aspects of Bangkok, the immortal, ever-present tourist scam. But before we get there, we’ll have a brief discussion of feet. Yeah… feet.

Pick up any piece of tourist literature and you’ll note warnings of “tourist scams” running rampant in Bangkok. But are they as bad or prevalent as they’re made out to be? Back when Greg was a new expat in Thailand, he played the part of an investigative journalist, purposely attracting the attention o a “tuk tuk scammer” just to document the experience. In fact, here’s the story. And he’s still with us, so how bad can they be, right?

Severity aside, these damned tourist scams just won’t die. Hopefully you’ll be better educated against them after listening to this episode. We go into detail on the tuk-tuk scam (no, the Palace isn’t closed today), the ping pong scam (no, you don’t want to see it), the official-who-isn’t-really-an-official scam (no, not all badges are real), and the birdseed scam. Yes, the birdseed scam. Not kidding.

Love Loathe or Leave

Free your feet, free your mind. Open sandals are all the rage here in Thailand, but how do we Westerners feel about it? On this Love, Loathe, or Leave we’ll dip our toes (ha!) into the conversation.

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