Greg interviews the fascinating Wichit Saiklao, godfather of craft beer in Thailand and founder of Chit Beer, with podcast friend Scott Coates sitting in for fun. Khun Chit relates how he first learned about homebrewing while living in the States, and after returning to Thailand and buying a small house on the river island of Ko Kret, he decided to give it a try with a kit he bought on Amazon. Just seven years later, he is a legend of Thai brewing, not just because of his own popular craft beers but also because of his brewing school which now has thousands of graduates. 

Khun Chit explains his approach to Thai law, which in general prohibits small batch brewing: by focusing on staying under the radar while campaigning to change the law and spreading his love of brewing to his ‘army’ of brewers, he hopes to push Thai culture in the right direction. He estimates that there are already tens of thousands of Thai people brewing quietly at home, a number so large that eventually the Thai government will likely have to accept as a fact of life. 

Greg, Scott and Khun Chit discuss the community of brewers that he has fostered and spread around the country, his ignoble first attempts at brewing, and what drives him forward.

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