Even short-time Bangkokians know that the power goes out when a mouse farts near a transformer. But during a recent storm that could have featured in a Cecil B. DeMille flick, it never faltered. Did someone fix Bangkok’s infrastructure when we weren’t looking? Greg’s kid loved the lights and sounds from the sky, which is odd for a small child, right? But then again, have you met his dad? Anyhow…

Just for you patrons, Greg is sharing one of his his personal favorite spots in Bangkok. He doesn’t do this for everyone, because he doesn’t want his secret spots suddenly being flooded with tourists. But he likes you a lot, so he’ll tell you about

[REDACTED]. Something Evo needs to experience, too. Because it sure sounds like a U.S. Government-sanctioned speakeasy. Hooray, 21st Amendment!

Speaking of farangs and drinking establishment, Evo gives a rundown of a new craft beer joint that opened up within stumbling distance from his place. Check out [REDACTED] if you find yourself on this side of the Chao Phraya some evening. And don’t cry “gentrification!” until you check out this bar and the entire Thai craft beer scene. It’s probably not what you think.

Apropos of everything, Thailand consumes more beer than neighboring SE Asian countries by a very large margin. If you get off on stats, you’ll enjoy hearing the dulcet tones of Greg reading some to you. Maybe we should revisit the topic of craft beer drinking in Thailand? Let us know your thoughts.

We wrap the show with Canadian things that would puzzle Thai people. Curling. Hockey. Speaking of hockey: They have ice skating rinks in Bangkok. Well… more like slurpie-skating rinks. All of that leads to a story of the history of ice Thailand. Jeepers, Greg. What don’t you know?

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