Continuing the series on the 7 Deadly Sins, Greg and Ed address the envious Envy. Of course, we love Bangkok, but no place is perfect – so, what are some things in other countries that we are envious of from our perch here? Greg begins by looking over the fence at coffee culture in Vietnam. Presumably due to French influence, Vietnam has an insane number of local cafes that take coffee (and ice cream, as Ed points out) deadly seriously. The strict government helps to keep Western chains to a minimum, and the result is a coffee lovers paradise. Ed starts his list by reminiscing about his early days in Thailand when there were no legal closing times, and Bangkok was like New York – a city that never sleeps. As old farts, Greg and Ed might not take advantage of it now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t miss it on principle.

Next, Greg laments that lack of school bus infrastructure that he grew up with in Canada, where most kids can walk half a block, jump on a safe school bus, and end up at school a few minutes later. The reality in Bangkok is far more dire, as Greg has explained on previous shows. Ed follows with his jealousy of the safe roads in Japan and elsewhere, where a person can go on a bike or motorcycle ride without having to say goodbyes to all their loved ones. 

Last, Greg reveals his sensitive side (who knew?) with an admission that he misses Autumn, an entire season that basically doesn’t exist in the tropics. Ed concurs, given that the fall is particularly beautiful in the American Midwest, as it is in the Canadian West. Ed finishes with a mini-rant on freedom of speech, which is not just an abstract principle but actually affects everyone in Thailand, both locals and expats alike.

That being said, the guys still love living in Thailand. Go figure. 

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