This week Greg and Ed return to the Seven Deadly Sins series with a discussion of GREED in Thai culture. As an opening caveat, Greg makes clear that greed exists in all cultures, and the guys aren’t saying it’s worse in Thailand than anywhere else, but every country and culture deals with it in different ways, and the guys want to talk their way through its different facets to try and understand it better.

Ed begins with the claim that there is something in Thai-Chinese culture about the pursuit of wealth that is more open and less modest than in the American Midwest where he grew up. He speculates that it might be the northern European influence on the area, built on the Protestant Work Ethic which values labor but tends to be low key and not ostentatious when it comes to money.

The guys continue their discussion, touching on data about the high consumer debt in Thailand, how expensive things like cars and bags give you status (even if you can’t afford it), and some choice words from previously published studies on Thais and greed that ponder if the country’s endemic corruption is something that can ever be solved.

It’s a big, deep, messy, and complicated topic, and Greg and Ed just scratch the surface. What are your thoughts on how greed presents itself in Thai culture? 

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