The guys return to their ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ series to discuss the sin of ‘Sloth.’ Greg notes in an introduction that sloth can be a little hard to define in that all the other sins involve actively doing something, whereas sloth of course can refer to simply being really lazy. The guys agree that for the purposes of the show they will rule out simply staying home and being a slug on the couch to answer the question – what are some of the best ways to spend a day in Bangkok being as slothful as possible?

Greg begins with a simple idea: hanging out at one of Bangkok’s many swanky 5-star hotels. Sounds simple but long-term expats often overlook the awesome infrastructure built to cater to tourists. We can use it too! He also recommends, a membership service that allows you to take advantage of a hotel’s full amenities (such as gym and swimming pool) without being a guest…for a fee. Last, Greg goes back to the old faithful, the ultra 5-star cinema experience where you can be insanely pampered while catching Hollywood’s latest.

Ed pimps one of his old standbys, the Thai massage: undeniably cheap and relaxing, especially if you choose a variety to your liking. Next, weather permitting, he recommends simply chilling at one of Bangkok’s many parks as the Thais do, especially the idyllic Lumpini Park on Wireless Road. Rent a mat, bring some food, and become sloth. Last, Ed notes that Bangkok is world-famous for its many spas, where it’s actually possible to know what it’s like to be treated like royalty. The Bangkok Podcast thinks you’re worth it! 🙂