Greg interviews Chris Larkin, creator of, a website that answers all the confusing, conflicting, confounding questions about getting citizenship in Thailand. Half Thai-Half Australian, Chris grew up mainly in Australia and got his Thai passport in his early twenties. Now married to a woman from New Zealand, it was their yearly slog up to Chaeng Wattana to deal with visas and work permits that led them down the path of getting Thai citizenship for her, and setting up a site to help others get the info they need.

Greg and Chris walk through the two main routes to citizenship: via permanent residency, or applying directly via marriage. The requirements are similar but not exactly the same, and some strategy is needed to determine what is best for you. Chris runs through some common misunderstandings (that you must be fluent in Thai for example), discusses the process, and lays out what he has learned over the years about best practices. 

In short Chris says that the process is definitely somewhat complicated and a lot bureaucratic, but if you dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s, you are very likely to end up with a shiny Thai passport. Good news for Greg and Ed, and our listeners too!

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