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A listener suggestion drives this show as we talk about which smartphone apps we use to make living in Bangkok that much easier, on this extra-long episode of the Bangkok Podcast. Oh, and Evo is terrible at his job. But he’s getting better, and it makes for a funny story.

We launched our Patreon page last week, and it’s working! People are supporting us! Not a huge number, but some. Which means you love it. Wanna help? We’d love it. We even recorded cool video for you. Actually, we had to re-record that video, as you’ll hear later. But enough about us begging for money (but seriously, a buck or two each month goes a long way) and let’s get on with the show proper, shall we?

The topic of this week’s episode was sent to us by listener Amy. She asked:

“What apps do you use that are especially useful as expats in BKK? I’m visiting for the first time in 9 years (!!) next month and I know the city is going to be VERY different than when I lived there. Anything I can use to make it easier?”

We thought it best to break the conversation into various app categories. And even though we’re spoiling it here in our show notes, be sure to listen to the episode to hear why we recommend them, as well as a few tips and cautionary tales. Oh, and where possible, we’ll link to the developer website to make this as applicable to everyone as possible.

Getting around Bangkok

Getting food in Bangkok

Getting News about Bangkok (and back home)

Communicating with others in Bangkok

Finding entertainment in Bangkok

Thai Language

Special Use

Got A Favorite App We Missed?

This is the type of topic where we know we can’t be right all the time, so help us out by adding your favorite app in the comments or through one of the many social media outlets listed below.

Love, Loathe, or Leave

We know it’s incumbent upon us to to learn Thai, not the other way around. But still, it’s a little off putting and jarring when “YOU! YOU! YOU!” is how someone here wants to get our attention. But do we hate it enough to make us want to leave? Probably not, but you should listen and see if you agree.

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