Feb. 8, 2022

Some Bangkok Websites That You May Have Missed

There’s a ton of websites out there about Bangkok – a ton. A few are great (ahem), most are okay, a whole bunch are awful. And there are even more still that are great, but somehow never get the love they deserve (like Anvil, the awesome Canadian metal band). So I thought I’d quickly cover a few of the sites that I’ve kept running into over the years that – despite a very basic design and having been eclipsed by big-daddy sites like LP, TripAdvisor, and other corporate-backed info sources – are still plugging away, offering unique and interesting takes on Bangkok.

Tour Bangkok Legacies

The first is a site called Tour Bangkok Legacies. Written by a Singaporean named Eric Lim, it’s basically writeups on things to see and do in Bangkok and surrounds, often in crazy detail. The maddening thing about the site is that there doesn’t seem to be any easy way to navigate beyond a basic menu with some top stories, and a search bar. However, there have been many, many times over the years when I’m Googling around for some story or something and sure enough, TBL has info on exactly what I need, no matter how esoteric. Tiny museums, weird monuments, anonymous statues…Eric has somehow managed to get the stories behind them all.













The second is a site called SoiDB, or Soi Database. That makes sense, because what it is is a strangely comprehensive list of towers, malls, theaters, hotels, markets, and other points of interest in Bangkok (they claim to cover 8 cities in Thailand and 4 cities in Laos). It’s got photographs, Google Street View screenshots, maps, and enough info to make it pretty valuable if you’re trying to find info on some godforsaken building in the ass-end of some mooban somewhere.

Expat Den

Karsten and his team have done a great job here, writing many thousands of words covering almost every aspect of moving to Thailand, from dealing with packers and shippers to setting up electricity bills and using ATMs.