Bangkok Podcast 44: Christopher G. Moore

The amount of foreigners who try to write a book about their craaaazy adventures in Thailand is only slightly larger than the amount who try to write hard-boiled fiction based in Bangkok, but among this group Christopher G. Moore stands out. Not only has his career as a writer thrived, but his 12-title Vincent Calvino series will soon be getting the big-time Hollywood treatment.

Greg and Tony talk to Christopher about how Bangkok has changed in the 20-plus years that he’s lived here, how the city’s rich tapestry inspires his story lines and the structure of his books, what he does to make his characters believable, and what it’s like getting shot at while doing research on a police ride-along. He also tells us what effect rapidly evolving technology is having on the publishing industry, and if he thinks we’ll still be reading books in 10 years.

Tony and Greg also talk about the tragic earthquake in Japan, and discuss an interesting and emotional new film made in Thailand about HIV-positive children who are making great strides despite their condition.

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