Greg and Ed interview Oliver Ackermann, one of the co-producers of the Thailand-based Netflix series “The Serpent,” about 1970s era serial killer Charles Sobhraj. Oliver is a partner in Living Films, a prominent production company based in Thailand famous for shepherding large foreign productions (such as Hangover 2, which our buddy Chris Lowenstein talked about on season 1) through the maze of Thai government regulations as well as Thai culture in general. Oliver walks through his process of finding locations in Thailand that can mimic almost any place in the world, and laying the groundwork for a small army of people to make a globetrotting series about murder and deception in Bangkok.

Oliver also discusses his role helping foreign actors adjust to Thai culture and temperature, interfacing with the Thai film board that must approve all scripts, the amazing local Thai film crews, the BBC’s obsessive research on the source material for ‘The Serpent,’ and how to find dozens of genuine, functioning 1970s era automobiles in Thailand. In short, if you want to know anything about foreign film productions in Thailand, Oliver is your man. 🙂 

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