The issue of violence against women in Thai culture is not often discussed. Awareness is low and even when the topic is brought up, the default reaction is to shussssshhhhh, forget about it, don’t make waves. Obviously this is not a tenable solution.

Emma Thomas (Under the Ropes) and Nana Wipaphan Wongsawan (Thai Consent) are two women who are fighting to change this. In part 1 of a 2-part interview Greg sits down with both of them to discuss why Thai culture is like this and the issues and frustrations that arise from trying to help it evolve. In the course of the conversation we hear stories about how dismissive the police can be when a victim comes forward, the role Thai languages plays in preventing the problem from being understood, how bro culture often just lets it slide, and insights into why sexual assaults are sometimes treated as a minor annoyance rather than a serious attack.

But it isn’t all bad news – just the fact that organizations like theirs exist is a big step forward, and they also report on some green shoots as awareness around the issue slowly but surely starts to grow.

For some further insight into the issue, you can read this great article that Emma wrote for Unearth Women.

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