Part 2 of a panel discussion with four guests! Why four? Well, everyone knows that cliche about Bangkok being a heaven for expat men, but we didn’t know much about what it’s like for expat women. It stands to reason that one woman can’t speak for all women, so we upped the game a bit.

We discuss a myriad of stories that show how complex, nuanced, and (depending on the person) important the issue is to a life well lived in the capital.

Among many other things, the ladies discuss dating horror stories, advice for new joiners, adjusting standards and expectations, and expat women-only social media groups to vet potential mates, advice for newbies.

Also discussed – after a move to Thailand does a male 5 become a 7, and does a female 7 become a 5? Why are Thai men shy about approaching expat women, and why are so many expat men bitter against expat women? What is a “gik”- and does Greg have one? (spoiler – hells to the no).

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