The Pocari-pocalypse is upon us! What the hell happened to the Pocari Sweat, and why did it get taken off the shelves in Bangkok?

But it looks like the Thailand Post isn’t the idiots Greg decried on Exclusive Track episode #22. Turns out it was the Canadian customs officials convinced Greg was smuggling things in a box of Life cereal?

What we are *not* talking about is the fact that we watched Star Wars The Last Jedi together but somehow must have seen two different movies, because one of us hated it and the other loved it. Oh, spoiler alert.

What we are talking about is the crazy level of noise we encounter every single day in Bangkok. In the mall. In the grocery store. On the street. In our condos… Way too many Thais have access to microphones and amplifiers for our tastes. Maybe we’re just grumpy old farangs, but this place gets deafening at times. Give it a listen and tell us how you feel about the din.

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