Greg interviews Renaissance-Expat Extraordinaire Dan Fraser, an old friend of both Greg and Ed and a former guest of the podcast in season 1. As both the star of a Thai TV show called ‘Long Ruk Yim’ and the owner of Smiling Albino, a high-end adventure travel company, Dan is afforded some really unique opportunities for understanding Thai culture, and seeing things from the inside.

Among the topics discussed in this episode – part 1 of a two-part show – Dan discusses the difficulties involved in filming a television show where he must explain his adventures in Thailand, in Thai to a Thai audience, and the logistics of putting a weekly show together while running a mid-size company with a few dozen staff. He also goes into detail on some of the incredibly awkward situations that he often finds himself in while filming, and how he uses them as tools to better understand Thai culture.

Suffice it to say, if Greg and Ed have had ‘interesting’ lives in Thailand, Dan has had something that’s hyper-super-mega interesting. Approximately. 

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