It’s a dream of many to move to Thailand and start their own business – be it a spiffy e-commerce site, a beer bar on a beach, or some type of consultancy. But navigating the tricky cultural and bureaucratic hurdles isn’t something to be taken lightly.

We’re joined by Derek van Pelt, a Thailand resident for 24 years and someone who has had a number of successes in a variety of different arenas. Currently a partner at Stonelotus Ventures and a long-time friend of Greg and Ed’s, Derek talks about what brought his past businesses success and why he chose to shut some, his advice to people who want to start their own business here, his role as President of the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and insights into Bangkok’s business community. And of course, to discuss one of Greg’s favorite restaurant chains, getfresh, which Derek helps manage.

It’s not an easy road for anyone, but as Derek notes, if you have the three Ps – patience, perseverance, and presence – making it work in Thailand will be a lot easier.

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