Greg and Ed discuss the concept of expat ‘merit badges’: those experiences that all long-time expats in Thailand tend to have that really remind you that you are in a unique place, distinct from where you grew up. These ‘badges,’ for lack of a better term, function as a loose type of seniority system. They are generally earned after some amount of time in the Kingdom, when you become comfortable with something that was once alien. 

In the first few months you might get caught in a flood, but it will most likely be longer than that before you sit down with some Thai motorbike riders, share a drink of moonshine, and play the bastardized Thai version of chess. We go into detail on some other ‘level up’ experiences – motorbikes, driving, swearing, rock t-shirts and sticking things in your ear! Some of these experiences are positives, some negative, and some simply a sign that you’ve ‘gone native.’ 

Special thanks to our patrons, insightful as always, who wrote in with their suggestions for these badges of honor (and dishonor, to be honest). Listen in for all the specifics and please write in with more ideas so we can make ‘merit badges’ a whole series!

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