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If you’ve lived any amount of time overseas and returned to your home country, you’re likely familiar with reverse culture shock, the feeling that you just…somehow…don’t quite fit in to your old life anymore. It’s a disorienting feeling, and it affects everyone differently. Seeing as how Greg was back in Canada three months ago and Evo just returned from a trip to the USA, we thought’d we discuss this uniquely strange phenomenon, how it affected us, and how we deal with it.

Greg recounts how the relationships with his friends have changed, details of “the most Canadian standoff ever”, and how it’s always the little things that trip you up – like the fact that people wear shoes inside the house, which really freaked him out. Evo mirrors this “little things” mantra, like the incredibly weird feeling of drinking water from a tap, and how much he forgot he loves listening to the radio…and how quickly he realized it actually sucks.

We also do another round of Love, Loathe, Leave, and discuss – rather shamefully – how much joy Greg got from showing his visiting sister around Bangkok’s shopping malls.