Greg’s angry at the post office. Which is a rather quixotic thing to be mad about in any country. Or is the general reliability worse in Thailand? And are they accidentally lost in transit, or does some Thai postal worker know that Greg’s friends and family have a habit of sending tasty goods? Let us know your own experience in the comments.

Did you know there’s a relationship between the width of a road and the allowed height of a building in Bangkok? We didn’t, and apparently the owners/contractors of a hotel didn’t either. And now, due to the road being 20 cm too narrow, the perfectly good hotel now has to come crumbling down. And don’t think a cool, controlled-explosion demolition will happen Vegas-style. Think migrant workers, sledgehammers, and tuk-tuk sized dumptrucks. And a decade.

Following up on last week’s episode, Ariadna chastised us for never having visited El Mercado. So Evo went, and found it cheese-filled and rather amazing. We’re thinking of conducting regular meetups there. Yes, it was that fantastic. Speaking of meetups: And have you yet RSVP’d do the big I Love Podcasting In Bangkok meetup? It’s next week, and we’d love to see you there. Thanks for your continued support, and enjoy this ~24 minute exclusive episode just for you, patron!

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