Bangkok Podcast 36: Finding a job in Bangkok

On this episode, Tony and Greg discuss the ins and outs of finding a job in Thailand. A lot of people – after a vacation full of fun and frivolity – think that moving to Thailand will be a sure way to leave the rat race and live a life of blissful utopia. However, while working in Thailand is still (in our opinion) an infinitely better and more interesting experience than working at home, the truth of the matter that working here is not the endless party many want it to be.

Office politics, rush hour, overdue bills and looming deadlines are inescapable truths to any job, and Thailand is no different. On top of that, there are things such as work permits and the lack of social safety nets to consider. Tony and Greg talk a bit about this, as well as the best places and methods to find jobs here, including a discussion on the most popular route into the Thai workforce – teaching English.

Tony also tells us about his recent illness, and Greg recounts the horrifying day in High School he had to be sent home because of chicken pox.

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