Bangkok Podcast 21: Fortune Tellers

For many westerners, fortune tellers – more often referred to as psychics – are generally seen as dwelling in the fringes of legitimacy. However, ‘mor doo’ (‘seeing doctors’) in Thailand play a much larger role. From Prime Ministers to street sweepers, seeing a fortune teller is something that many Thais do regularly and with quite a bit of conviction, and as any long-term expat can tell you, making fun of their craft or trying to disprove a session with a cold dose of reality will only earn you scorn.

In the first Halloween themed episode, Tony and Greg take a visit to a fortune teller to see what it’s all about. Greg consults a tarot card deck, while Tony gets his palms read, and both are subjected to the power of the crystal pendulum. What did the fortune teller say? Is the future so bright they need to wear shades?

Greg and Tony also get off on a tangent discussing scams of the heart, armed thugs taking over a part of the airport (again!), and how to know you’ve been in Thailand too long.

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Photo: Annie in Beziers