Bangkok Podcast 76: Freedom to Walk

This episode of Bangkok Podcast is sponsored by Bangkok Tree House an environmentally friendly retreat in the heart of Phrapradaeng, a lush expanse of jungle just across the river from Bangkok.

This episode of Bangkok Podcast comes a bit late due mostly to the fact that both Tony and Greg have new jobs and are working like crazy, like two wild and crazy guys! Crazy men! But thankfully this nutty city still gives us enough to talk about. On this episode we’re joined by Ali Weiner, who is organizing an amazing event for a very good cause. In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers and realities of human trafficking and to meet their goal of raising $100,000 dollars for various charities, her, her friend, and as many others as want to join, are going to walk from Bangkok to Three Pagoda’s pass on the Thai Burmese border. That’s right – walk the whole way. Ali tells us how the idea came about, describes the route she’ll take, and lets us know how we can help. In fact – if you want to join her on her walk, feel free!

Greg and Tony also talk about three news stories that have been burning up the news lately – the incredible amount of rain Bangkok is has been getting of late (which hopefully won’t be enough to cause more floods this year); a reduction in the price of the poorly-conceived airport rail link to help boost ridership (the reduction is only good for a few hours during the middle of the day); and the newest beauty product to hit the market, vagina whitening cream (note to girls everywhere: No. No. No).

Also don’t forget to visit our sponsor, the Bangkok Treehouse. It’s a great hotel in Phrapradaeng, one of Bangkok’s last bastions of undisturbed nature. Not only is it a cutting-edge environmental cause, but you can also donate to several worthwhile charities right at the hotel. Check out their website and book a night for a weekend out of town.