Bangkok Podcast 72: Greg & Aom’s Wedding!

On this special episode of Bangkok Podcast, Greg and Tony connect via Skype to talk about Greg’s recent wedding. Getting married in Thailand is a very intricate process that involves two ceremonies, 9 monks, and hundreds/thousands/millions of baht in dowry (prices vary greatly). Greg talks about his first day of planning as an ultra-naive n00b to being a happily married man.

There’s lots to consider – should you get a wedding planner or not? How many people will you invite? Will it be the oh-so-romantic beach wedding or a more traditional hotel ballroom event? What do you do about gifts? It all worked out wonderfully for Greg and Aom, but it was a lot of work and toil.

Greg and Tony also discuss the latest topics in Thailand from what the Thai government is doing to assure Japanese investors that their factories won’t be flooded out again, to how it’s possible to lose and recover 13 million baht in gold in a taxi. Greg also gives us an update on his latest project – Bangkok Scientifique.


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