Bangkok Podcast 25: Halloween Special!

For the final show of October, we invited some friends of Bangkok Podcast down to our Intergallactic HQ to join us in a creepy crawly Halloween-themed episode – eating bugs! Insects have long been a part of the Thai diet, especially in the northern Isaan region, and while a good number of Thais in Bangkok don’t indulge, many still do and you can often see bug vendors plying their wares in various locations around the city.

We assembled 9 big bags full of creepy-crawlies: red ants, giant grasshoppers, pregnant crickets, swolen grubs, deep-fried frogs and stir-fried bamboo worms, all delicacies in their own way. Tony and Greg were the first to indulge, but we soon had our intrepid group of friends digging in with us and crunching loudly away.

We go over what each type of bug looks like, tastes like, and talk about how the same horrified looks that we were giving these things are also applied by many Thais at some of the snacks that we foreigners consider quite delicious.

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