We’re happy to have Pailin Chongchitnant as our guest this week, creator and host of Hot Thai Kitchen, a popular YouTube channel based in Vancouver, Canada that shows people how to cook delicious Thai food recipes in their kitchens.

A handful of places – Italy, Japan, Vietnam, India – have food that’s so tied to their culture that the food itself is somewhat of an ambassador, and Thai is no exception. The question then becomes how much Thai culture can a foreigner absorb simply by watching how the national cuisine is prepared?

Pailin also tells us about what the perception of Thai food is like overseas, how “hipster Thai” joints are taking over, describes how she comes up with her ideas for shows, and some of the insane ways foreigners try to mimic Thai food, or even give regular food a Thai spin by splashing peanut sauce on it, or even using – get this – peanut butter!

And in a post-interview email that Greg reads, Pailin also weighs in on a recent article describing how the Thai government helps Thai nationals overseas open Thai restaurants, which may or may not help the cause, depending on how passionate the owner is about “real” Thai food.

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