Thailand’s food tastes have changed a lot since Greg and Ed first got here two decades ago, and in that time, things have gone international, yo! With this in mind, Greg interviews Nick Wattanavekin, who opened the first Tim Hortons, the iconic Canadian donut shop, in Thailand just a few short months ago. The journey from investment banker to restauranteur is a long one, but Nick explains how he transitioned from his early career to franchising restaurants in Thailand, discusses how much Bangkok has changed in the last twenty years, and what drives the increasingly cosmopolitan palette of Thai consumers.

Nick then goes into detail explaining just how one brings a “famous overseas” but not “famous in Thailand” brand to Thailand, including consumer research, business plans, market strategies…and what happens when those famously long lines outside of hip new places go away. And of course – why Tim Hortons? If you’re Canadian, you get it, but if not…well, Nick’s done his research.

The boys wrap up talking about some of the unique characteristics of the Thai market compared to other Tim Hortons locations around the world. 

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