Greg interviews Aim Chareonphan, the CEO of Hubba Thailand, a coworking pioneer in Thailand. From humble beginnings borne out of a frustration with coworking spaces that weren’t…quite…there yet, Aim and his partner conceived of a place that was more than just a workspace; somewhere that provided a community that supports entrepreneurs and startups, a resource itself rather than just a place to get work done. Aim details the many obstacles his company has faced, not the least of which was educating the Thai market about the nature of startups and the role that a supportive workspace could play in their success.

Another main factor is the rapid change happening in the workforce in Thailand and around the world. In short, the traditional ‘office’ is slowly but surely becoming less popular. According to Khun Aim, right now only 1% of office space in Asia is coworking, but by 2030 that number is expected to be 10-15%! Aim gets into some stats and figures that portend a drastic change in how people – and companies – get work done amidst this new paradigm.  

The best news of all is how companies like HUBBA can bolster the pledges made by government to push Thailand’s young generation to be innovative, risk-taking, out-of-the-box thinkers. While skepticism abounds, Aim indicates there are at least some reasons to be optimistic. That’s always good to hear. 🙂

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