The unplanned topic on the show today is just that: haircuts for men in Bangkok. Hipster men, apparently, because there are all sort of high-end barbers cropping up all over town. Even in our neighborhood, which is a very Thai place. But while they certainly do attract plenty of Western customers, the vast majority of their clients seem to be Thai nationals. So it’s not just crazy people like Evo who spend 10x what “classic” street shops charge for a quick tim. Then again, it’s not quick at all, taking around an hour for the complete process. Because beauty like that takes time to get just right. (Gee. I wonder who wrote the show notes?)

After that, it’s a thoughtful conversation about how a good number of foreigners make their income in Thailand. And by thoughtful, we mean a general bitch-fest with colorful language. Good thing this is just for patrons and we don’t have to bleep all of them out.

Speaking of dumb things, what’s up with these idiots injecting coconut oil into their junk? Please tell us this if fake news that’s just being recycled. Because that’s not the direction things are supposed to flow from down there, right? Listener discretion is advised. (And no, we’re not linking to the article. But the language gets even more “colorful” for this bit.)

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