Bangkok Podcast 6: Jodi Ettenberg

For our second interview, we are very happy to be joined by Jodi Ettenberg – lawyer, world traveler, riot survivor, political commentator, and fan of all things related to chowing down. Those of you in Bangkok have probably met Jodi, and if not you’ve likely read her tweets on Twitter, viewed her pictures on travel blogs and news sites, seen her speak about Bangkok’s recent political troubles on various television stations, or read her Legal Nomads blog, where she chronicles her adventures over the past 2 years as she’s traveled the world. We sit down with Jodi to hear about her trip, what it’s like being a solo female traveler in the wide world, and why she left a lucrative career in New York to take third-world buses with chickens, visit refugees in prison, and get crapped on by birds the world over.

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Legal Nomads