Bangkok Podcast 18: Kaila Krayewski

With the legendary beauty of Thai women and Bangkok’s shadowy red light districts, Thailand is a well-known destination for men who like to act like they wished they could when they were teenagers, but what about the foreign women that live in the Land of Smiles?

The reality is that there are many farang ladies in Thailand who are smart, successful, and beautiful, but who are totally ignored by the male population. It may sounds like a silly little problem but not having access to a successful relationship can lead to a bigger problem that is common in Thailand and that is loneliness.

We talk with Kaila Krayewski, a writer, blogger and traveler, about her travel experiences in S.E. Asia and her impressions of being a foreign woman in Thailand’s dating scene, and the effect that the relative dearth of options can have on a person’s enjoyment of living here.

Greg and Tony also take a moment to thank the guys who gave Bangkok Podcast it’s look and sound – Marc Griesinger, who created our logo, and Alec Harrison, who composed our theme song.

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