On this episode of our Thai language series we’re joined by Brett Whiteside, one of the few foreigners in Thailand who teach Thai. Brett’s road from wide-eyed tourist to competent speaker, translator, consultant and tutor is unique in that the only person he had help him was himself. Brett tells us the methods he learned to drill the new language into his head, from returning to the same restaurant over and over again, to refusing to learn transliteration, to watching Thai soap operas.

Brett also explains why he doesn’t think there’s any such thing as ‘bad Thai’, and how a mnemonic story he created about a boy, a chicken, a turtle and a fish have helped all of his students become competent Thai speakers much faster than they expected.

Tony and Greg also talk a bit about food delivery in Thailand, and why Pizza Company – despite protests from some – has the system nailed.

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Bangkok Podcast U Lun Gywe Feasting the Female Form
Burmese impressionist artist U Lun Gywe’s latest solo exhibi- tion, Feasting the Female Form, aims to capture the inherent beauty of Burmese women. June 18 ~ July 16, Thavibu Gallery, Room 308, 3/F, Silom Galleria, 919/1 Silom Rd.

Art Restoration
Dr. Tessa Castellano of the Fine Arts Academy of Florence will be sharing her expertise in the field of art restoration along with live demonstrations of restoration techniques. The documentary exhibition is on Jun 3-23 and the art restoration workshop takes place Jun 20-24, 9am-4pm at National Museum

Bangkok Podcast Giant Drag Giant Drag
Inspired by 90s grunge, Micah Calabrese (drums, keyboards) and Annie Hardy (vocals, guitar) from California pay us a visit with a follow up to their 2005 debut, Hearts and Uni- corns. Jun 27, 8pm. Demo, Thong Lor Soi 10. B850 from Thaiticketmajor.

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