Welcome to season 5! Greg and Ed discuss the new season, which admittedly is mostly a continuation of the last season – if it ain’t broke, etc. But some nostalgia is warranted, and the guys reminisce about the last two seasons since Evo’s departure. Ed can’t believe he’s done 150 shows plus, and both guys make some modest suggestions for changing things up. Maybe some shows should include video, at least for the patrons? Ed suggests revisiting earlier topics and updating them with new info. Greg concurs, and talks about some plans he has to get some higher-profile guests. 

Inserted are interviews with our gracious former co-hosts, Tony Joh and Evo Terra. Tony and Greg reminisce about the let’s-see-if-this-works experience of season 1 and gives a few updates on his current status in Canada, planning a return to Japan and/or Europe, and re-launching the Tokyo Podcast.

Evo then talks about his life in Arizona, and his insistence on using Thai in every Thai restaurant he can find in the States. Turns out Evo has is keeping very busy as a podcast producer extraordinaire and making his own show, Podcast Pontifications – unsurprising from one of the earliest podcasters on planet Earth. 

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