Bangkok Podcast 75: Muay Thai Fighter

This episode of Bangkok Podcast is sponsored by Bangkok Tree House an environmentally friendly retreat in the heart of Phrapradaeng, a lush expanse of jungle just across the river from Bangkok.

On this episode of Bangkok Podcast, we welcome back past guest Paul Garrigan to talk about his new book. You might remember Paul from Bangkok Podcast episode #22 where he talked about his first book ‘Dead Drunk’, detailing his efforts to rid his life of the destructive influence of alcohol. Now he’s back, and his latest book ‘Muay Thai Fighter: A Farang’s Journey to Become a Thai Boxer’ is the story of how he decided to get in shape by learning the ropes (literally) of kicking, punching and blocking like the Thais do.

Greg and Tony also discuss a few of the lighter stories from Thailand this week pulled from the pages of our friends at Coconuts Bangkok: First is the story of the Thai politician who said that Thai women from poorer provinces should marry a foreigner to get access to free healthcare, education and the like. Way to support your fellow citizens and admit that there’s no hope for Thailand’s social safety net in one breath. Next we discuss the latest attempt to protect people from the often ambiguously talented taxi drivers when they refuse to take you to your destination. Apparently all you have to do is give a call to the hotline, report the license plate number and/or the ID number that’s inside the car, and the police will take care of him with a fine. Yeah…Greg and Tony discuss why they won’t be holding their breath for this to take off.

Also don’t forget to visit our sponsor, the Bangkok Treehouse. It’s a great hotel in Phrapradaeng, one of Bangkok’s last bastions of undisturbed nature. Not only is it a cutting-edge environmental cause, but you can also donate to several worthwhile charities right at the hotel. Check out their website and book a night for a weekend out of town.