On this show we’re again joined by Thai language Jedi Rikker Dockum who goes through the calendar with us looking at the Thai holidays. It can be confusing sometimes keeping them all straight, because while many western holidays have made it to Bangkok – Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc – there are also the Thai holidays to keep track of – Songkran, Macha Bucha, and Father’s, Mother’s and Children’s day, among others. So how are the western ones celebrated, what is a Macha Bucha, and what exactly does Songkran have to do with the moon?

We also give some details on the BANGKOK PODCAST CHRISTMAS PARTY! As it is the season of giving, we are asking everyone who attends to donate any unused items they may have lying around the house – from cups to clothes to toiletries. Bangkok Podcast will collect them at the Christmas party and donate them to the Second Chance Foundation, a charity that ensures that used items get distributed to the residents of Bangkok’s sprawling Khlong Toey slum. We are joined today by Jodie, founder of the Second Chance Foundation, who explains why she started the project and how it helps those in need.

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