Bangkok Podcast 11: Patrick Winn

Being a journalist in the 21st century isn’t easy. The industry that has essentially functioned the same since it started centuries ago is undergoing massive changes. In fact, in another ten years, journalists and the journalism industry as we know it might not even exist. But thankfully there are still plenty of good journo’s out there, and one of them is the Global Post’s Patrick Winn, who has written about everything from ghost festivals to redshirt riots to eating dog.

On this podcast, we chat with Patrick about what challenges he faces as his industry changes around him, and what dangers come with being a journalist in Thailand – someone whose job it is to write about topics that some people would prefer to keep quiet.

In addition, Greg and Tony talk about the mind-blowing movie Inception, and how to get the best use out of Thailand’s cheap and air-conditioned cinemas.

Show Links:

Global Post: Patrick Winn

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