When the price of celebrating Western holidays won’t reduce your Thai taxes and you can’t be bothered to press charges against a pickpocket or drink better beer.

Just how long can we talk about the $7 pumpkin pie Evo had from the Smokin’ Pug for American Thanksgiving (or “Thursday” as it’s known in Bangkok) on this show? A good long time. Ah, the holidays. That’s not all we’re talking about, but he had been drinking, so…

You might recall that “tax reduction form” we mentioned  a few weeks back. If you pay taxes in Thailand, just about everything you’ve been buying can help reduce your taxable income next year. At least that’s the theory. In practice, you’re supposed to get a “tax reduction” form from the vendor. Well… Evo finally asked for one. And the result were… comical. But this is Thailand, and we can’t fix Thailand. Watch for Greg’s forthcoming blog post on dealing with shit like this all the time.

While that was painful, at least he wasn’t pickpocketed on the BTS. That happened to a buddy of Greg’s recently. And you won’t believe how helpful the authorities were in this situation. Unless you live here. And then yeah, you really will believe it. Boo.

And we’ll end this bonus episode with Evo pissing off just about everyone from Ireland with his dissing of Guinness. Before you judge, remember that he’s a beer nerd and take a listen. If you disagree, come drink with him and he’ll show you why. Our upcoming I Love Podcasting In Bangkok event this week is a great place to do that! See you there? Thanks for your continued support, and enjoy this ~22 minute exclusive episode just for you, patron!

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