Bangkok Resources

You want answers? We got ’em! Mostly. Sometimes.

When we started season 4 of the show, we wanted to up the game a bit. We realized that we a had a lot of opinions, advice, and info on Bangkok that didn’t fit into the show, so we created this resources page to house it. Sometimes it will be a blog, sometimes a photo, sometimes a mini-podcast episode, sometimes all three, but check back often for updated info.

Some Bangkok Websites That You May Have Missed

There's a ton of websites out there about Bangkok - a ton. A few are great (ahem), most are okay, a whole bunch are awful. So I thought I'd quickly cover a few of the sites that I've kept running into over the years that - despite a very basic design and having been eclipsed by big-daddy sites like LP, TripAdvisor, and other corporate-backed info sources - are still plugging away, offering unique and interesting takes on Bangkok.