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You want answers? We got ’em! Mostly. Sometimes.

When we started season 4 of the show, we wanted to up the game a bit. We realized that we a had a lot of opinions, advice, and info on Bangkok that didn’t fit into the show, so we created this resources page to house it. Sometimes it will be a blog, sometimes a photo, sometimes a mini-podcast episode, sometimes all three, but check back often for updated info.

412, 2019

Some Thoughts on Thai Culture

Generalizing about a country’s culture in this day and age is akin to waltzing in a minefield, but what the heck? Not many people have called the Bangkok Podcast either cautious or wise, so why start now? Travelling to a new place, especially somewhere that has an entirely different history than one’s own, is not the same project as writing a PhD dissertation. Travelers, both tourists and expats, deserve some straight talk to help them process their new surroundings, and the Bangkok Podcast is here to help!

1810, 2019

Some Bangkok Websites That You May Have Missed

There's a ton of websites out there about Bangkok - a ton. A few are great (ahem), most are okay, a whole bunch are awful. So I thought I'd quickly cover a few of the sites that I've kept running into over the years that - despite a very basic design and having been eclipsed by big-daddy sites like LP, TripAdvisor, and other corporate-backed info sources - are still plugging away, offering unique and interesting takes on Bangkok.

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