Full disclosure: We recorded this episode at the end of 2017, but didn’t want to leave our patrons hanging while Evo was hanging out in Estonia. Our plan was to release this episode on or before NYE, but that didn’t happen. So please forgive our tardiness, but (probably like you experienced) things got a little in the way as tends to happen around the new year.

Which brings us to the conversation points of this episode:

  • Evo’s first NYE experience in Bangkok back in the 2015/2016 change-over and harsh lesson in Thailand’s goofy alcohol sales restrictions, followed with his predictable first Chang-over
  • Greg’s first NYE in Bangkok back in 2001 walking some 6km home at 2:00 am because poor planning
  • Greg’s plan to introduce his child to NYE festivities this year (fireworks, not booze)
  • Evo’s plan on flying into the new year, literally
  • Moo krob vs. borscht
  • Greg’s plans to blend financial servitude with cryptocurrency

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