After a brief intro explaining the podcast’s decision to accept advertising (within strict guidelines), Greg and Ed jump into a topic important to anyone travelling to Thailand: What are the most important Thai laws to know? Ed gives a quick lawyerly disclaimer: don’t rely on this podcast to make important decisions, but instead just use it as a guideline to do your own research and talk to a real lawyer. 🙂

Next, Greg and Ed bring up ‘the enforcement problem’: as regular podcast listeners well know, many Thai laws are not frequently enforced or enforced haphazardly. On this show, however, we focus on laws that are usually or maybe even always enforced. In other words, knowing them has actual practical value during your stay in Thailand.

In total, the guys go through ten categories of laws, ranging from the obvious but important, such as not criticizing the monarchy, to lesser known but equally valuable, such as the high fines for littering that have ruined many a visitor’s day, or what the increasing number of drone operators should know before whipping out their, uh, gear.

Speaking of which, check out the sweet drone shot of Thonburi that Greg’s friend managed to get before shutting it down and jumping in a taxi…just in case. 

Suffice it to say, there’s a lot more good info on the show, so listen in and up your Thai legal knowledge. 

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