Did you hear about the jackasses that have been baring their asses at some of Thailand’s holiest sites? Predictably, Thais are not too happy about the whole thing, and when some of those unhappy people are wearing uniforms…well, it doesn’t look good for these two idiots. Can’t say we’re losing sleep over that.

That leads us into a discussion about which tourists have the worst international reputation – not a big surprise which ones it is – but there are some caveats to this. Greg also discusses his recent commute home in his new car at the whopping speed of 3.5km per hour. Ahh, Bangkok traffic, you never cease to amaze.

Evo caps things off with his tale of a visit to the royal crematorium of HM Rama IX, a sobering occasion marking a sad chapter in Thailand’s history, but also an experience that was surprisingly well planned, well orchestrated, and well managed. I know, right!