It’s no secret that the Thai education system is in need of an overhaul. Everyone from government ministers to concerned parents regularly voice their opinions in the press, and there is a real concern that the Thailand’s education system is being passed by its regional neighbours.

One way a concerned parent can ensure your child has an international-level education in Thailand is to enroll them in an international school. However, many parents find that the cost of tuition is often outrageously high – many thousands of dollars per child per year, or more. So what are the options? Is there any way around this? And what does it mean for a parent living here who may not have the necessary resources?

Greg also talks about his recent trip to Europe and a big development for him there, which leads to a discussion about European history vs Thai history, the nuances of driving in Europe, and the trust you must have in your GPS system while navigating unfamiliar roads.

We also thank loyal listener Jamie Milkovich for his awesome addition to our Facebook page, and we tease a few details of some pretty cool shows we have coming up in October.

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